Friday, September 18, 2009

G-Force aced it!

Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of US hit series, the CSI collection joins the big screen with...... a bunch of rodents? As spies? Whoah! whoah! Don't get taken away by this, read on about how a group of guinea pigs and a naked mole rat safe the world from destruction. Here are a few reasons to catch G-Force during this Hari Raya long weekend. WARNING! Spoiler ahead!

#1 Tired of action porn movies? G-Force is Disney's latest animation combined with high-tech spy gadgets(in micro size to fit the rodents) to make you tech junkies out there wet your pants. The highlights: an ear piece that transmit rodents' squeaky sound waves into our human language and get them to talk back to us, 3-in-1 hamster treadmill X ultra cool vehicle equipped with lightning speed, a fly/bug that is literally a bug with surveillance camera and sound recorder connected back to its base camp. Not forgetting THE gadget of the movie, thumb-sized PDA used to download and steal Saber's world domination plan which is then used to infect virus back into the super computer towards the end of the movie

#2 Be prepared for tonnes of pop culture instilled in the movie. Juarez, the only female in the team with a French accent rant about her complicated love interest typing away on her Facebook 'wall'. Lady Gaga's Just Dance and Black Eyed Peas party tracks throughout the movie. And see Bucky, the territorial hamster portraying Canadian stereotypes.

#3 Watch it in 3D! Been saving up RM16-18(prices vary between cinemas), for that one movie worth watching in 3D, forget about Final Destination 4, G-Force is a 2-in-1 movie with animation fused with real human acting. Get double of what you paid for! Personally, I thought Ice Age 3 in 3D was the bomb until I saw G-Force. The fur and features on the rodents are so real, also hooks, bullets, missiles and all sort of objects pointing directly at you makes you want to go 'No! Nooooo! Aaahhh!'

#4 Who says size does matter? The G-Force shows you wittiness and agility beats the rest. Yes, the two-face,star-nose naked mole rat is the mastermind behind all the chaos aka Mr Yanshu; but look G-Force saved the world in just a nick of time by stopping the Earth being a magnetic field attracting space garbage destroying the human kind. Guinea pigs and hamsters make adorable pets or sometimes as 'test objects'(SAY NO TO ANIMAL CRUELTY). It is proven that guinea pigs are fairly brighter than any other rodent, which explains why Jerry Bruckheimer chose this project to launch his silver screen career. Move aside hamsters, guinea pigs will top the list of kids' most favourite pets after this movie.

#5 It's a Disney movie after all, of course there is a moral to the story to be thought to kids(and everyone else). They were told that they are scientifically altered rodents but the fact is Ben, the scientist that formed G-Force, picked them up from a French restaurant (Juarez, alike rodents is a delicacy), an extermination ground (Speckles), and a petshop(Darwin). Ben, provided them a home and gave them a family. Hurley, the other non-trained, typical pet shop guinea pig G-Force member was so thankful to have found Darwin and claimed they are related because of a lookalike birth mark on their butt cheeks.

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