Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fight battles with sour milk

I think I should be done warding off negativity soon haikyaaaaahhh!
For tomorrow shall be a better day.

I was never told being ditzy will ever deter you from being who you are people might find it frustrating talking to a person with presumably lower intelligence but the fun here is to observe their reactions toward your dumb blonde moment. However this might not be the smartest move if you are a person who prefers to a certain level of professionalism especially at work but in due time I'm sure maturity strikes to call an end to all this ditziness or when it actually gets you into trouble. It really doesn't quite get you anywhere by pretending to be ditzy just get a few kicks off those who are all-so-serious about everything and anything at all. Gotta pull my act together before it becomes a habit.

The same applies when you think ditziness is an adorable act to pull on your crush or bf coz no right guy would find that interesting nor 'oh she's quite a character' worth sticking around  long enough to get to know you better. I know...

Yet again knowing what you want and exactly how you gonna get there doesn't quite work out either so yea..... It's never easy,  nobody say it was but instead believe the bullshit about it being worthwhile. 

Skeptics don't,  they act aloof even when it's true. Coz disappointments is an ever growing pool of jello. Period.

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