Sunday, May 3, 2009

My friends are ENTREPRENEURS(not suitable for testosterone charged human)

See, most of my girl friends are now living the life in KL and some turned themselves into KLites, no they don't exactly party like those KL 'hotties' but yea they are into online blogshops. They sell clothes and accessories using blog pages. The items are sorta cute and interesting, so here are the links and
And below are the print screen of a few designs on sale on their page currently. Check it's availability individually =) happpppeeeee shopping people.


sarat said...

hahah i was viewing thru abunchofwildflowers on thursday at work :) its a nice blog btw! thumbs up for your friend!

Angelene Tang said...

now run along and go purchase smth heheeeee
oh sara i love your short do you look smoking hot!

eLaiNe said...

which cher is this? loll~ :P

Angelene Tang said...

it's cheryl the ong's page =)
very beautiful dresses and self-made hairbands