Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer movie blockbustering

Hitting the cinemas so hard. Why?! Coz it's summer and this is the time of the year where the best movies are out =) but yea been going to the cinema very often too way before this. GSC is very happy to see me twice a week plus the visits to the kiosk to get movie treat, Caramel Combo please plus 1901 hotdogs!

Was literally dragged into the cinema to watch this but heck it was gooOOoooOod@#&%$@! Three thumbs up plus all my toes. The storyline was totally unprdictable who would have guessed Spock was thrown into a bllack hole back in time to meet Kapten Kirk, hahahhaaaa it's good to see Chris Pine play a younger version of Shatner's character lol way waayy waaaaaaayyy better looking. The effects were awesome! So love the part where Chris Pine and John Cho(Harold & Kumar! Harold and Kumar!) had to plunge down to earth to dismantle/unhook that weird thing. The thrid guy keh gau gau didn't survive dumbass! All in all good one! Didn't expect this from a TV series. Oh oh i almost forgot, look out for an ugly green fat ass chick in one of the scenes.

Then I cannot be anymore cliched watching Terminator which I really don't know what it is all about coz I'm so confused by how the hell did john connor ended up back in time looking fo Kyle Reese and I hate robots! End of story.

A few nights ago decided to watch this one whhhheeeeeeee!!! Damn funny I tell you and this installment you actually learn more history compare to the first one. Like the first woman who flew across the Atlantic ocean, Amelia Earhart, US President, Abraham Lincoln, The Wright Brothers and etc. the effects were coooooolll way cooler. And there's actually a moral of the story at the end. Oh oh and not to forget the Jonas Brothers as the cupidsssss aaawwww they were darn right adorable.

Other must-watchs when they are out whhhhheeeee!!!! I can't wait I can't wait
Don't ask me why Hannah Montana. I just want to watch it okay so shudddduuppppp =)


saratan. said...

hahahhaha yea omg i <3 star-trek too!! wish i can show u the hand sign im doing now wahahahha..and eeek terminator....SUCKS big time!!!

Angelene Tang said...

tooooppiiddd wan terminator waste of precious 2hours of my life could have done smth else that night
wheeeeee -V- trying hard to give you the Spork sign lol