Monday, August 17, 2009

I still have sore soles and sole-sores

I love how my title can be turned into a tongue twister haha.
Yea the last post I've only got picture from 2 acts up. So I gotta cover AAR, Hoobastank and etc. I'd post up videos but the are all of very very bad quality taken with my camera phone from miles away boohoo =(
Glitter-soaked Tyson screaming an orgasmic oh yeeeaaaahhh through out the set. And also their 'I wanna.... I wanna I wanna touch you' latest single. Can you say queer?

On the way to World Stage I was already thinking if they will play Swing, Swing and Dirty Little Secret coz these both are really old. I was practically jumping for joy when the chords were played and then Tyson started doing his awesone stage antics.

Hoobah! Hoobah! Loved their enigmatic set!
You guys want something to sing along to? Ok now........
(Ghostbuster tune and starts singing)

"If there's something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?"

audience: GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

(music stops)

You guys are ridiculous hahahaha

Oh oh and here's my exclusive collection of Raygun during my interview with them mmm bliss. They will be as famous as Coldplay somewhere in the future and I have this to brag about. I started listening to them when they were newcomers, did an interview with them, snippety snap candids and etc.

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