Sunday, August 16, 2009

Say Em Tee Wheeeeee!!! World Stage! woot woot~

Hahahahahaaa!!! KLue sent me there. Just like Sarah, my events editor said 'usually I'll just sit and wait somehow there sure will be some extra tickets on the very last day.' So yea Joyce and I had the chance to go. She was nice enough to give me her share of the ticket so I'll have one pair, just enough to bring the airplane boy together with me =)
We took our own time to get there even it says on the ticket registration (what registration?you mean queuing up at the entrance?) starts at 3.30pm. Got to the entrance near Starbucks at 5.45pm, there were no line nothing at all for the RED zone so we decided to go chomp down some Carl's Jr.
Finally got into the 'pool' at about 6.15-6.30pm after a super long walk all the way in. I was so freaking worried they might confiscate my huge ass dslr coz it says on the back of the ticket no camera and video recorders or any other recording devices allowed. The security was shitty I'd have to say seeing it's an MTV event. Anyone in the theme park could have gotten access to the wave pool/ stage area. Estranged was the first act which we didn't bother much, such posers I hate the vocalist trying to be all cool with his hoodie covered 3/4 of his face. Raygun was the second act(or was it third? after Boys likes Girls?) but before that Utt and Denise/Taya (MTV Vjs) came out and talk a whole lot of crap before introducing them on stage. I'm so thankful I had the chance to interview this new British band that caused some controversy a week or so back regarding on their influence on music. I'll upload a picture of me and the band and might just spill some beans here in the next post. Though they are so new but geeezzz they really have stage presence and knew how to interact with the crowd. So what not everyone was singing along to their songs, at least people were grooving to their(yea I used the word groove, coz their genre is all about 70s-80s a cross between David Bowie, James Brown that era or rock and roll) psychedelic tunes! Omg! Ray, the vocalist is so cute and his mesmerizing pair of blue-ish eyes.

Next up was Pixie Lott, the seductive British songstress. She was so blonde I think her hair color, dress and skin tone match! Well, every heterosexual male and some female were screaming for her when she came out. And of course everyone was singing to her first single, 'Mama Do' not too sure about the rest coz she is very new after all. I still say she's a Duffy impersonator/wannabe hmm.....
(saving and posting it now before my stolen-connection dies off. will update more on Hoobastank and All American Rejects in the next post stay tuned.)

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