Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post-indescribable state of previous enrty

Now that I'm bouncing back from my almost depressive state of the previous entry, let me tell you what I've been up to in order to keep myself from falling into the black hole.

~Checked out Star Education Fair 2010 at KLCC last weekend
I dived straight into the issue of my worries, hoping that the Education Fair will help me sort it out. I tell you, it was huge! Walking back and forth of the exhibition hall covering over 5-6 halls requires tonnes of footwork or was it coz we decided to walk over to Trader's Hotel to say hello to a friend? Hmm. Anyhoo, I've rounded up list of uni according to the tuition fees rate and also course offered. My thought process was through elimination, since none offers strictly advertising degree only, I eliminated choices I'd never want to touch for eg. journalism, pr, production/broadcasting. But after all this thought, I still find myself leaning my decision towards following the 'crowd' as in I was told a couple of my friends will be enrolling in Taylors soon. Is that why my priority was given to Taylors? Well, following the crowd can't be too bad right? As the saying goes, birds of the same feathers flock together =) and I know very well I'm a person that needs company to be motivated or else I'll just lose interest entirely.
So what now? All I have to do now is discuss it with my parents and see what is their budget like in the education fund prepared, if they have one for me =( I hope they do. And then reconfirm with my friends where they are heading to. Voila! I'm all set to pursue my degree very soon. And of course once huge chunk of worry out of the way!

~Escaped from the 4 walls
I've also got out of the house more often to erm steal a breath of fresh air (by that I mean yea I've been free-loading wi-fi at cafes). Went grocery shopping, walked around the mall and spotted more more more clearance sales. But I did that all in vain coz it was just window shopping with zero sales purchase done. At least, now I have in mind what I should start trying out for my Chinese New Year shopping purchase =)

~Total recharged
Last but the utmost important was I finally caught up on sleep and tried to tune back to proper sleeping time(still failed miserably, now that I'm blogging at this hour). Ah well, all this will only go back to normal once I have scheduled classes. For the meantime, come on eyebags I'm not afraid of you! You too pimples! Bring it on!

On a final note, I'm happy again coz I'm not as broke anymore. Also I love you boyfwen for always knowing when to use the pickmeups especially during downtimes like this.

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