Monday, January 25, 2010

Sorta productive week

Ok I went back to Penang for a week plus probably because I was bored of 'rotting' in KL while I wait for my uni to start. Plus I also needed to go back and get some of the papers from college certified which I just realized I DID NOT DO THAT argh! All I have is the original and a couple of photocopies of it, urgh I hate it that the uni need certified true copy of all the docs. Blah! Other than that I had the usual 'choo char' dinner with Mum & Dad a couple of time over the week and also Dad's pre-birthday dinner at Canton-i a day before I came back to KL.
So here's a funny/stubborn story of my Dad I would like to share. Usually when we go out for Dim Sum or dinner Mum brings along our own exclusively favourite tea leaves. However, at this 'choo char' place along Weld Quay they do not provide any tea pots because they serve Chinese tea by the glass. So Dad had a special request that maybe they can just give use a pitcher and a couple of cups--as desperate as it may sound--we needed our very own Chinese tea that much meh? Seriously ZOMFG! Here's a picture of 'the set' the lady brought to our table in order for us to make our OWN CHINESE TEA. Oh we also made used of a small plate as the cover of the metal pitcher. *smacks head in disbelief tsk tsk such stubbornness is definitely genetic haha

I've been wanting to get my hair chopped but never had the guts to do so. Coincidentally my Mum had to go the salon and get her complete hair cut-straighten-coloured-treatment procedure. So I told her I'd go with her. Guess what? Being the usual me I overslept and mumbled not wanting to go anymore when she tried to wake me up. I was sleep talking when I answered her. I finally woke up at the crack of dawn looking for her only to find out she was already on her way back from the salon ish ish! No haircut for me but I took this picture just to see how I'd look like if I really did chop my long tresses off.
Haha! The boyfwen was convinced my hair had gone from miles long to a short bob when he saw this picture on my Facebook.

No, I might not really want my hair to be this short but these splits ends have to go! I want my flowy fringe back too =) now it just looks like a blop of hair on the way to turning to a very disastrous center parting hair style.

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