Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little tomyam school boy

I saw this kid returning home from school yesterday evening. So what's so different about it? Every kid does that unless you are a runaway kid la.....

So yea we were having dinner at this tom yam shack. A mini van school bus stopped next to the shack and this kid came down from the front seat; his dad/ bro who was the one serving us a minute ago helped him with his 'easy bag'(remember those noisily irritating roller bags?). He jumped down from the high front seat of the mini van with a magazine in his hand, walked to his mama who was cooking at the stove and got his plate of rice and chicken for early dinner. Being the cute obedient boy he washed his hands and started eating. Before he did that I looked and smiled. He actually smiled right back at me aaawwww what an adorable sight *melttttsssss* that just made my day. He continued, picked up his piece of chicken and took a barbaric bite out of it lol heheeeee then he used his fork and spoon for rice =)

Oh boy! I want to see this lil tomyam boy again.

P/S: I miss the blue ballerina from Prima Tanjung.

P/P/S: It doesn't quite matter if you have the $$$ money or not so long as your family is there for you. Well, which kid at that age worries about whether or not they have the $$$?

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