Thursday, February 5, 2009

You irritated the shit outta me!

Okay, I'm going to try blogging here one in a while to keep this page alive. I hate it how the widgets on the side are not up and working. Seriously, I have no clue how to add my own gadgets on the side. hmmppprrhhh!

I got into not-all-that-bad minorly-major accident today. It all happened coz I wanted to cut through traffic along Greenlane so I took the inner road where there are car wash, Shell Station, Gembira Parade and etc. This black Iswara decided to stop and queue up on the left for a car wash almost-kinda-last-minute. I didn't want to wait any longer I tried to squeeze through in between the tight passage of black Iswara's butt and the pavement by the road. In a split second I heard *crackcrashbang......dragggggggg* damn! I was doom yet another scratchdent on the car within a month or so. Goddamnsit I wanted to cry and slap myself stupid for this.

Thank god the a dyke came out of the car and she seems cool. Didn't really make a big fuss about it while I called Mum over. Here comes the part that really fudging seriously irritated the shit outta me. You know those stupid guys in bright neon greenyellow vest on bikes along busy roads those who try to stir up a locomotion between the parties just for them to earn more when you bring your car to their workshop. Fudging A-hole came to me and said some bullshit while I was talking on the phone so I game him the signal to fuck-off. Refuse to leave he went to the dyke. Thank god again she was smart enough to tell him we can settle this on our own. THis bastard refuse to leave but we ignored him so the next best thing for him to do is give us his name card like ftw right. After putting down my call he came to me again gave me his card, likes seriously am I gonna entertain you at a time like this?!!! To shoo him away, I took his card held it in my hands while waiting for him to leave. The bastard being one fudging idiot stood there and tried to convince me further to layan him, I was fucking irritated by him by then. To show him I'm pissed I partially crushed the card and threw it back into my car(should have just littered on the road). Then he walked away still mumbling something to me in hokkien. And I thought this was the end of it.

Guess what, when Mum and Dad came to my rescue and almost settled who's workshop to bring it to that bladdy bastard came to us yet again. WTH! I told you to fuck-off don't you get it!!!??? The whole entire time he was waiting by the road for us to actually ask for your help? All I have to say to these kind of fucking bastard green yellow neon vest workshop guys is:


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