Friday, February 20, 2009

What can be better than this?!

Woken up by the voice of that particular someone to start of the day is one of the best morning pick me up. Other than that a bone chilling cold bath will definitely send the shiver done your spine to energize your whole entire body in a fraction of a second.So yea I woke up tad bit earlier than usual this morning ironically with no morning session classes. Today, I found out the joy of being awake this early not having to attend any classes to make time for yourself. Right now I'm enjoying my warm morning breakfast at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with wireless connection yay!

A refreshing morning with my cuppa freshly brewed coffee and my vaio with me free to surf the web, edit, edit and edit pictures then post them up to wherever I want and write as many blog entries as I like because I have all the time in the world. Wooohoooo!!! Why? How? Class was canceled of course.

Note: Observe the product placements in the picture. Spot them!

Random eurekas I noticed on the breakfast table. 

Heinz makes jam too? All along I thought the only manufacture soups and sauces.

The brand of my favorite choco pudding, Elle & Vire yummmerrrss try the choc pudding only available at Cold Storage.

This is how my piece of panini toast looks with those spreads.

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