Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here's the story about the 1:45 HOUR UTURN EXPRESSWAY Part numero UNO

So the jangejos (Sanjay, Angelene and Joanna) took a 3 day trip down to the city. The journey down was a-okay like any other road trips. However the series of unexpected events that occur was uncountable. Let me start at the point I can remember or that very point that seems to be the climax of our story. So it was Sunday, time for us to drive back. I said and made the boy promise to get us back in Penang by afternoon. Us being us the lazy bums that sleep till the sun rises up straight in the sky. We woke up at about 11.30am, showered, packed, got ready and checked out of the hotel.

Of course we had to have our BK (Burger King) before leaving KL, so we munched and chomped down our BK lunch. I had my Single Black Pepper Whopper, Jo had Mushroom Swiss I guess and the greedy Jayboy had to order his all time favourite Double Whopper with cheese. We also ordered extra Chicken Tenders coz they are the yummers way better than KFC nuggets or even McD nuggets. (OMG!~ I look so chinky out from the kampung in this pic)

We had our tummy filled we were content but Jo had to ta pau some burgers back for her la familia but she didn't want to get them in the BK in Subang knowing that there's another BK on the highway, Restoran Jejantas, Sg. Buloh. As we walked out the BK in Subang, we saw this Malay dude lying dead right in front of where we parked. He was sleeping/fainted/drunk right under some shady trees. We figured he wasn't dead or robbed since he still had his cool black looking Converse on his feet. Then we saw him changed position so we left him and didn't call the police.

After having lunch we were still early so 'someone' suggested we should watch a movie or in Cineleisure. On we go thinking that we are driving to Damansara and hah! kaboom we took a wrong turning had to travel all the way to the city instead. Stressful weekend traffic in the city got us stuck there for a whole 45 minutes or so. As we've already wasted time there so we decided not to catch a movie but to walk around in Ikea for the clearance sale they are having fro the month. And yes! When we got there we got stuck in between again for another whole 20 freaking minutes just to get into the car park. When we got to the Ikea entrance these donkeys wanted to smoke so they stood outside puffing and I was nicely enjoying the breezy air condition inside LOL yay! And zhen the both of them was suddenly so intrigued by this magic-a-thingy:

I call it the Smokalator 3000. Smoke/vapour/smog/air was literally coming out of it. How is that possible when you kill your cigarettes on the grills on top and then throws the bud inside. Hmm the only possibility is there's water in this tank looking thingy. But........ smoke/vapour/smog/air keeps on blowing out non-stop. So what is this actually? Ikea was so crowded filled with families especially kids running around thinking it's a playground. Goodness gracious! The queue was HORRORble, luckily we got into the fast lane, paid and chao-ed. Jo got most of the aunty-ish stuff her mum told her to get so did the Jay he bought household stuff for his grandma. As for me I bought some usual nonsense, multi-purpose organizer in various colors and a lint roller LOL "Why the heck do you need that? You don't even have a doggie, Angelene!" Joanna shouted at me for picking that up.

........ to be continue look out for part Deux

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