Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Semester done. Waiting for finals.
Short sem= death. It's alright I'm gonna be revived soon.
Tonnes and loads of late night digging my eyes out facing the glaring monitor.

My eyes look exactly like this these days with that very cheezy smile. Coz I'm gaga, YESH! Ooohhh lalalaaa btw check out Lady Gaga's The Fame like so frecking awesome!

Got fat. Yay!?
Erm I'm worried about presentation tomorrow. But yea I have a matching top and bottom plus my Jeffrey Campbells *winks*

Looking forward to the 2 weeks of holidays. Leave me alone for the first 48hours. I want to lock myself in to recuperate before I come and play.
Oh oh I need to shop for a camera? Hmmm DSLR maybe, sneakers and random girlie stuff.
Excited abut the moolah that I'm gonna earn soon? Hahaaaa yay! yipeee my account has finally gone back to 4 digits today. Thank you thank you.
I need sleep. Bye run along zzzZZZzzZ.......

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