Thursday, June 18, 2009

Name me whatever that irritates you

I would say the nerdy fatboy who wouldn't stop trying to blend in with the class. Plus he had to be an arse when I asked him for the group assignment like seriously doubleuteeeff! Look at your muffin stuffed face and that retarded act of yours gosh please go get a life if they allow you to pick one. Urrrrggghhh!!! Well, at least he doesn't top the list.

There's this full of shit parking attendant who wouldn't stop talking to people who are waiting to pay their ticket. Gosh please nobody wants to hear your stories you're just another unwanted being who no one cares about. The first encounter was way back in 05 I think, I parked my car with another friend along the roadside for a session at the gym. Instead of just asking how long will we be taking he had to be all long winded as if whatever he said to us matters. He went all how he doesn't need to go to the gym bla bla blaaaaa coz he can work out right here out in the open then he started doing push-ups against some car thank goodness it was on mine or I'd have screammed at him like a mad woman. There were a few other times where he talked jibberish and I didin't care or bothered to remember what it was. Fast forward a few years, this useless piece of bastard is still writing tickets at the same spot looking still the same and he still wouldn't shut his pie hole. A few days back he was trying to be an expert telling me what I should take for my complexion yadaaa yaddaaaa using himself as am example by eating tomatoes the blemishes will go away "oh look at my face it's so smooth" like what the hell!!! Why in the world would I take dermalogical advise from a freaking parking attendant man with burnt skin, sun spot and oily skin. Fuck him urrrghhh!!! And guess what just today he was mumbling to me how this guy right in front of him wasn't sure about his own car or the time period whatever it is he was grumbling laaaaaa fucking idiot parking attendant seriously just can't keep his mouth shut. I walked away not giving a single glance back at him in the midst of the 'conversation'. I bet he didn't even realized coz he was just too busy blabbering away. What and arse for god's sake if you really love talking so much go look for another freaking job!!! Parking attendants aren't suppose to give advises, strike a conversation, complain or even say anything else besides asking you how long will you take or directing to park.
The next time he tries to open his bloody pie hole I'll swear in hokkien to shut him off!

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