Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yet another one

Okay not too long ago I recommended 2 blogshops belonging to Cher and Mel which are and
Now I have another one new in store, this time this one belongs to Kwai Cheng/ kc hmm I somehow think the three of them do get their stuff within the same place coz hellloooo all are friends kay. And and I think the only missing person now without a blogshop is me boo hhmmmppprrrhh =( I want one too. Anyway here's kc's blogshop feel free to browse, she's just starting up so give this girl a break if theres isn't much updates. Heheheheee don't you think it's just wrong to have a dash(-) between the word cocktails hmmm I guess maybe someone else has already taken up the name. Okay here are the print screen. Btw cehck out my new firefox persona I just can't get enough of splattered paint whhheeeeeee!!!!

cutesy background just like mine she got it from

new and trendy dress el perfecto clinchers to match with too

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