Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look! What came in the mail yesterday

Got these lovely mary jane's from Memento Shoes. Got in speedy delivery right after payment and it was exactly what it looks like on the page. Very comfy indeed. For basic versatile wear suitable with any outfit at all. Wear it for an afternoon in the mall or a day in college with jeans, with skirts even with the ever trendy tights you see everywhere these days. You've gotta love it.

**Note: You might want to get 2 sizes bigger than your usual sizes. That's what I do when I buy ballet flats or mary jane's. For example if you are a size 5/36 you might want to order them in size 7/38 coz you don;t get to try them when you purchase them online.


memento shoes, malaysia said...

thanks for this review, angelene : )

cheryl said...

Hey, i got a pair of shoes from them months back too! =D, super comfy!!

Angelene Tang said...

yeeaaa =) feels like you are barefoot
they have new stuff now