Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now/ Today/ 13th June

Sigh sigh siiiiiggghhhhhhhh tsk tsk tsk being sick isn't exactly the best feeling in the world but on a brighter note I get to stay home for 2 long days yay! I'm getting sicker by the second maybe I should be out and about instead of containing myself in my germ-filled room hmmm
Nope I did not skip classes coz I only got sick on Wednesday night which was the last day of class for the week. Geeeeezz to come to think of it I'm so doomed I have a brochure due this Tuesday and I have not laid a finger on it. I might have had the ideas, the layout and the shape of the brochure drafted in mind but that doesn't count gosh unless I finally open InDesign and start on it. So little time so much to do. And and I badly want to watch a movie in the cinema but I think I should stay away from air-conditioned places for the mean time till I recover. Okay I should go to bed now. It's weird that I don't feel the effects of drowsiness from the cough syrup I took 3 hours ago. I should just force myself to sleep them

Toooooodddllleeeesss ppl =)

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