Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 months has passed by and here I am

So yea here I am back on the island on a week break before I officially finish my internship with KLue. It has been very rejuvenating after a 3 month plus long of work. My intention back here was mainly for the presentation in college but that was just for one day. Been up to lots of chillaxing and me-time yay! Let me attempt to summarize how the 3 montsh internship went coz I don;t want to be too naggy or long-winded.

It was really fun working with a whole bunch of KL-lites who happens to be really cool. It was great to have another intern with me on the team too, Jit but he finished within 2 months and went back to UK for studies. Other friendly 'ol interns in the office are of course, Joyce the marketing intern, Melanie who replaced Joyce and Gwen, TiC intern who came in in October. And of course there's Karen TiC writer and Krystle the marketing exec. A whole bunch of awesome girls making us a wholesome bunch heheee. On the editorial team, there's of course my editor, Wai Kit, then writers Myra and Zedeck as well as Sarah the events editor.

I remembered it clearly, on my first day I spent my first 2 hours spinning on my chair and facebooking before I was given a whole load of work to follow-up. And the rest of the 3 months with KLue was history =) an extremely good experience filled with tonnes of fun and laughters. Well, all I do is not only write, write and write; I cover events on a regular basis about 3-4 events a week. Sometimes it can even be 3 events a day, you'll see me running from Damansara to KL city back to PJ. All's fun coz it keeps me occupied and the learning experience was something I'd not trade for anything else. I was suppose to finish my period here, with KLue end of October but I was offered an extension which I decide to only stay one extra month. I figured I have to do different like go look for another job or go back to studies or hmm slack..... which seems like the perfect idea for now =)

Right now I've secured myself with two jobs where I'm weighing out the options and contemplating if I should dive into the working world immediately or go back to being a laid back student hmmm well, well. Okay, before I end this post I just have to say this, a dream I had last night sorta gave me a sign (I think so la) 'my supervisor' said I was articulate and maybe they should just create a position for me. What is that suppose to mean huh? Or is it just coz I've been having too much to think these days. Toooddllesss for now let me enjoy my last few days here in Penang.

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