Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Found Recipe

Ok so the fridge and pantry was empty, no groceries at all. All we had left was pasta, erm potatoes sprouting shoots, funions and lotsa garlic. So why not throw everything together and see how it'd taste like.

Step 1: Boil pasta in a pot.
Step 2: Cut potatoes and chop garlic and funions.
Step 3: Heat oil in pan.
Step 4: Fry chopped garlic and funions.
Step 5: Stir fry potatoes with black pepper and basil leaves.
Step 6: Add in fried garlic and onions.
Step 7: Remove from pan. Put boiled pasta in pan to fry for a couple of minutes.
Step 8: Add black pepper and salt followed by previous batch of stir-fried condiments.

Voila! And it's ready to be served!


LauraLeia said...

Arrived at your blog from nuffnang xchange! :D
So how did it taste? XD

Angelene Tang said...

it was yummy-licious, cooked that again the next day coz i had no time to do grocery shopping. you should try that out for yourself

LauraLeia said...

Haha~ Okay, maybe i'll try it next time. :D
But I probably need to add some sort of meat or other, coz I'm too much of a meat person. =X