Monday, November 30, 2009

I splurged!

Yay! I finally paid a visit to the most hyped about clothing store that came by our shores lately, Cotton On originally from Australia. This one at 1 Utama is the second flagship after the first one opened in Pavilion KL back in September or October. Anyhoo! It was such good buys coz it was only RM60 for 2 and they come in all sorts of designs. I had my pick at one classic white ones coz I know they make me look more girly =) and another checkered blue-ish yellow one that sorta looks like boxers. Also got myself two pairs of sunnies, one with purple frame and another one in black. Wheeee!!! Can't wait to put them in full use.

I'm already wearing these to work today. But they had to endure walking through fallen branches and damp soil. Awww they are still in tip top condition though.

Wheeee <3 style="text-align: center;">
I adore these checkered ones coz they are just too pretty to be true. My feet are spoiled, very very spoiled. Go Cotton On!

From now on Cotton On is gonna be my go-to store for anything at all coz it's so affordable with quality. Mmmm me likeys =)


cmei said...

heard bout this shop too... the white look nice.. ^^

Angelene Tang said...

it's extremely dirty and filthy now look skinda worn off too. kc has the same pair in white as well. definitely affordable for everyday wear