Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are you a talker or a doer?

So here you have someone who walks the walk and talks the talk. Then you have someone who is a NATO, the Malaysian translation of Talk Only No Action. I have no idea why the acronym is the other way around probably coz it sounds better than erm TONA hahaaaaa. I've seen and hear people around me, on TV, in the newspaper and etc. being all ambitious wanting to achieve a goal be it for long term or short term. For example a world effort decided by the UN announced that they will help poor countries like Africa, India and China to combat poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women. Do you see an effort by any of your government? Let's side-track a lil, so there is this campaign "In My Name", where citizens urge their government and political leaders to take action on this promise as the deadline set by the UN is drawn nearer and nearer. With this you can sorta summarize that the people in the UN is a talker without taking any actions. It's always easier to put your goals into words than action. When you actually carry it out it is 100 times harder than you've thought of but it takes on tiny step from each of us to make this realization come true. Be a doer!

Okay back to a day-to-day related example so yea I have this friend she was so anxious and worried when she did not get a reply for some application at the very beginning when the rest of us was just too lazy to even bother about getting accepted or not. As the week past by some of got a reply, some got accepted immediately and some did not. She was still being a worry pot questioning why didn't she get at least a reply when we were told just to wait a few more weeks. I did not get my reply either so I figured maybe I should source and apply on my own coz I don't want to just sit there worry and do nothing about it. I was kinda trying to be a doer but I was lazy and hesitated along the way. And guess what it paid off looking for another application on my own. I got accepted within a week. This friend of mine waited for 3 months and is still waiting for just a reply whom she refuses to call up to double check just coz we were told to wait. When I asked her if she got anywhere else she can pull some strings to get in on her own, all she said to me was, "Oh I don't want to think about this now. I'm just going to wait. Let's not talk about this." Wow! Suddenly she couldn't be bothered about it when everyone else has already gotten a confirmed reply with acceptance. Gosh!!! Talk about a real talker huh? What is the point getting all fussed up and worried if you don't even care when it is time to take real action. Geeeezzzzz......

I'm not saying I'm all perfect and all but through out the years I've come to realized I fall in between a doer and a talker. Sometimes I'm more to a talker when it comes to realizing a vision. I will have the best brainstorm ideas on what to do and then take a bloody long period before I put my hands on it but I will somehow get my job done even if it means burning the midnight oil for days. Like I've mentioned above I'm like a lazy hesitant doer.

Urrrgghhh!!! I can't stand a wannabe doer talker.
And yes, I have friends who are doers too =) she is one extreme person who will go through all lengths to make it happen!


saratan. said...

Hahaha and yes, I have tons of talker friends who just keep on talking and talking BUT never does anything. And sometimes it does get on the nerves but maybe sometimes all they need is a little push from their friends too :)

Angelene Tang said...

A lil push and a kick maybe teehehee =)
Are you still working at that place in Northam Tower?