Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Flip the switch and turn the lights off =) from green colored screen background to an all black background. It says on the site,

"An all-white screen uses about 74 watts to display, while an all-black screen uses only 59 watts. Now you know you're helpping save too."

Every now an then the IKEA website comes out with different design on the Go Green page with unique and interactive ideas for you to be apart of saving the mother earth.
Yarzzzz yarzzzz my new place *fingers crossed* is gonna be Ikea-ized =) hohohohooooo! I hope mum allows me to get a whole entire unit instead of some crummy itsy bitsy room with no ventilation and horrible strangers as my housemates. Gosh! Heeellloooo so you'd rather save a couple of hundreds and endanger my safety to who I stay with? Geeeezzzz my semester fees for the last few sems were cut to half, no less than that. And I've been studying locally so that's no way you can tell me we don't have enough to pay my rent in KL gosh parents!

I want the place to be all white with incandescent lightings and rugs lying around like some sort of hobo gathering with no furniture. Lots and lots of fluffy pillows in my room with funky curtains and bed spread. Ok I can go on and on how I want my room to be. Basically something like how my old room in the US used to look like. I can't wait I can't wait......... to snippety snap the outcome and show you my decorating skills lolllll now let's sit back and get my final project done while I try to get study tips for the final exams =)

Tooooddddlllessss good night!

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