Friday, July 17, 2009

It will always be

When I saw the both of them hanging out together once again after so many years of losing contact(as far as I'm concerned) it seems like time never passed us and nothing has changed. She didn't go to Russia. She wasn't MIA. As though the entire 5 years did not happen. It seems even weirder when I went over to say hi and the response I got would have been the same exact thing she would say back then. The way she behaved, her body language and the laughter were all the same. We didn't go anywhere after all =) we didn't mature, we didn't go the distant, we've only gained more knowledge and maybe a couple of pounds(in my case) and saw the almost real world.

People who really matters to you will always stay the same and you can trust that they really got your back when they say so.


rebel_heart said...

Aww (: I liked this post. So totally heart-warming ♥

Angelene Tang said...

oh thank you
btw how come your blog is so different now? what happened to all the old posts?