Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Urrgghhh!!! Me wants the money laaaaaa

Okay I shouldn't think about it this way. So what if I'm not getting paid as much as the rest? At least I get to go where I want to and I bet lotsa goodies will come my way. Find find I'm trading the cash for better experience and maybe a job opportunity too if I like doing publishing at the end of the day. And I have a better place to stay with cheaper rent and not with strangers. Also Jaya One is a hangout spot so yay! I've got variety to choose from for lunch and it's near UTAR can lunch with See Mei and Kc when they start their semester. The rest of them are renting rooms instead of the entire place to themselves with no transportation and works in an office building even if it's near Midvalley so what la.

So Angelene, look at as a perk not a pay cut =(
(pat self on the shoulder boohoooo!)


Ivan Cheah said...

750 a month beats all the other positive things u just said

Angelene Tang said...

i hate you shuddup!!!

audreytang said...

Seriously, it's not how much you get paid but what you're going to get out of it. Would you rather be paid $800 per month to photocopy papers all day?

mello said...

It's good you're counting your blessings (: Remember, every time you think you're getting it rough, there's someone worse off.

There, there.

*pats on the shoulder*