Monday, July 27, 2009

YASMIN AHMAD 1958-2009

It was a shocker to hear the words of this Flyfm dj announcing Campur Chart coming up next and with him adding on, ".......this is a show dedicated to Malaysian artists and all creative Malaysians especially the late Yasmin Ahmad for her local indie movies like Sepet, Mukhsin and the latest Talentime." Our expression froze and we turned staring at each other with our mouth wide opened. It was only last Thursday that we heard she had a stroke and had to go for surgery. Over the weekend without much news said about this controversial yet touched every Malaysian soul film producer for our seasonal Petronas advertisements (this year end we will have none to look forward to) then suddenly she has passed on?!!!

All her Petronas ads are such perks during commercial breaks coz you'd have to wait till the very end to get the jist of the story. And every single one of it has the element of surprise at the very end. One of my favourite is this one during cny, it's these 2 teenage boys sitting far apart from each other both minding their own business sms-ing and the other on his psp. They both had spikey hair and had baggy clothes. Acting like strangers not talking to each other but in fact they are cousins.

There is also this Merdeka ad where a dad had to wake his son at dusk to shower him in the slump, get him dressed(combed his hair karipap style, added the putu) then cycled him all the way to town just to witnessed Tunku Abdul Rahman. While the little boy was half asleep the whole entire way especially sleeping on his dad's back on the bicycle. And the last clip, his dad carried him up on his shoulder so he can have a clearer view of the event because he was tip-toeing among the adults.

I might have gotten some of the ads wrong coz it was so many years back but look it was obviously a very efficient and creative ad coz it tapered into my mind and I can still remember it till today. Hmm I tried looking for it on youtube but can't find the same ad I'm talking about. Anyway here are few others which are equally as touching.

This reminded me of poh-poh. I miss her dearly.

Oh here is the first ad I mentioned. Now that I've re-watch it's entirely different from what I remembered. Haha the last part was cute after he got his peepee skin cut.

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