Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ohyeeaaahhh ohhhyeeeaahh!!! Words from an almost-graduate

Double dose of papers in a day within 9-3pm, do the calculations I'm to zoinged out to do any logic right now. So glad everything was crammed into a day so I need not worry about the week anymore. I can officially say I am done with college! Done with KDU! Adious shitty rut! No it's not that I don't have good experience studying there it just took me double the time to get it all-most done. Right now I've got my 3 month internship ahead of me which I am kinda getting the kick of reality. In a week or two from now I'm going to be a working woman living on my own without mummy and daddy boohooo =........( no one to wash my laundry, mop the floor, dust the house, clean my room occasionally and most of all the naggings of staying out too late.

Wait my point is, before my thought stray to more unrelated issues I have in mind. Yea my point is when I was doing my last round of double checking my answer for my Dekstop Publishing paper I came to realized I've never mistakenly answer more questions required in any essay sections. For example you have 5 questions to choose from all you need to do is pick 2 and answer them. Amazingly I have never ever mistakenly answered all like those who DON'T READ INSTRUCTIONS or have I ever not answered the last page of question on the back of the paper like what MOST OF YOU would do haha.

The thing is I might have missed out one or two questions for short answers because I decided to skip it and go to the next question. Either I had no time to thoroughly check it through or I just forgot about the unanswered question entirely.

I am proud of myself in a way

-words from an almost-graduate =)

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